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Original blend of fast, heavy music straight off the grinder. Take Iron Reagan and make it more intense. Take Integrity and make it faster. Take Repulsion and make it fresher. 

Tight blastbeat-driven Thrashcore Crust, or, as they like to call it, Punk Grind.

Up and coming High-Energy fresh act, the 5-piece band somehow create a consistent mix of old-school grindcore vibes with a modern thrashcore twist.

Since 2016 Bas Rotten revels in the DIY scene through dozens of high-energy shows around Europe – wild performances with nothing held back. Furious bursts of d-beats, blast beats, massive riffs and an all-out 


All songs and lyrics written by BAS ROTTEN.

Recorded and Produced by BAS ROTTEN & Sérgio Prata Almeida.

Mixed and Mastered by Sérgio Prata Almeida at Midnight Session Studio.

Cover artwork based on George Bellows “Stag at Sharkey’s”.

Additional artwork illustrations by Guilherme Frio.

Layout and design by BAS ROTTEN.

20 November 2020

DissociationBas Rotten
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